Julius McCarter searching for his father Julius Dickerson, mother Cholra McKnight, and siblings

DEAR EDITOR: I wish to inquire for my people, whom I have not seen since before the war.

Father was named Julius Dickerson, as well as I can remember. Mother was named Chlora McKnight. They both belonged to different owners and they went by their names. Father stuttered a great deal while talking. The man who owned my mother used to drink whiskey a great deal, and he fell in debt, and he had to sell my mother and five or six children to pay the debt. I do not know her last owner's name as I was sold at that time. Before I left there, my mother had several children whose names I can not remember, but I remember some of them, they are as follows: Brothers; Joe, Sam, Sharper McKnight, and one by the name of Robert Keels. Sisters; Rita, Nora, and Lucy McKnight. William McKnight sold me to a speculator by the name of Isreal Keels, and I was brought to Mississippi where I am living now. I go by the name of Julius McCarter. May God through your valuable paper help me to find my people. Any information of their whereabouts shall be thankfully received. I was sold when I was 13 years of age, at a little town named King Street, South Carolina. Please bear in mind that we all used to live together in South Carolina, neat the town I just mentioned. Address me J Carter Edney P. O., Wayne County, Miss.

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