Mrs. Ann Carter seeking her father and siblings

MR. EDITOR—I wish to inquire for my people. My father's name was Billy Williams, and my mother Eliza Williams. They had eight children, viz: Billy, Gus, Arch, Calvin, Mary Jane, Lucy, myself and Georgiana. Mother died in Tennessee, ten miles north of Memphis. We were brought to Louisiana by Mr. Hearnton. After we got there father left the white folks and we suppose he went back to Tennessee. Bro. Billy never came out here with us. Bro. Calvin and sister Georgia are living in the Indian Territory. The last time I heard from sister Lucy and brother Gus they were in Coffman county. I have not heard of Bro. Arch and sister Mary Jane since I left Louisiana. We all belonged to John C. Weaver. Before we came to Louisiana Bro. Arch and Mary Jane were sold to a man by the name of Gid Pillow. Any information will be gladly received. Address me, Mrs. Ann Carter, at Mineloa, Wood county, Tex.

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