Collier Mitchell seeking their relatives including their mother and father

MR. EDITOR-I wish a letter in the SOUTHWESTERN inquiring for my relatives. Father and mother were named Sam and Charlotte Mitchell; two sisters, Hannah and Ann Mitchell; and uncles named Sam Small, Adam Small and Ned Small, and also an uncle named Nator Wright who had three sons named Junius, Job and Gabriel Wright. Sam Small is the father of Adam and Ned Small, also of Ishmeal Grant, Davy Bryant and Albert Bryant. Davy Bryant is the father of Albert Bryant. Other uncles named John Bookey, Chubby Wilson, Burrell Wilson, Smart Nisbet; Kato Wilson is the father of Chubby and Burrell; Pompey Bookey is the father of John Bookey, also the step-father of Smart Nisbit. We all belonged to Joseph Allson of South Carolina; he sold us to a speculator named Anchor, who carried us to Salisbury, Roan county, North Carolina. Mr. Anchor sold me to a man in North Carolina named Quiller Mocke. Smart Nisbet told me that Mr. Anchor sold my other relatives to a man living in Charleston, South Carolina. I came to Texas the second year after emancipation. Any information that will enable me to find my people will be thankfully received. Address me at Cochrane, Austin county, Texas, in care of E. Johnson. COLLIER MITCHELL.

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