Daniel Sanders searching for his two brothers William and Izard Sanders

MR. EDITOR-- Please allow me in your valuable columns a space to make some inquiries about my two brothers, the sons of Rayft Izard Sanders and of Rosa Sanders. The name of my two brothers are William and Izard Sanders. I left Izard in Charleston, S. C , when I was sold here in 1853, and William my oldest brother was sold somewhere in South Carolina, I do not know where. We used to belong to Solomon Legruy, Esq., who was living in Charleston and had a plantation on James Island. My father used to belong to C. D. Carr, the tailor, who kept a store on Broad street. My mother died in 1849, leaving four boys, the youngest one died shortly after her, which was Sorris. We three boys grew up at the tailor's trade until the death of our mother. and I, Daniel, used to belong to George B. Reed, Esq. Have the kindness to ask all ministers in South Carolina to read this letter to their congregation. My name is Daniel Sanders, living at the Island of False River, parish of Point Coupee, Ventress, P. O., La. Any information of their whereabouts will please address as above.

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