Sam Childress searching for his mother, brother, and sisters

MR. EDITOR-- I wish to inquire through the SOUTHWESTERN for my mother, Harriet, brother John, sister Lucy, and Mary Caildress. Brother John was sold to Jack Harvey, who lived, I think, 25 miles from Kansas City, Missouri. I was sold to some man whose name I do not know, as I was very young at the time. My mother lived with a man named Governor Hayes, who kept a boarding house in Kansas City. I can give no account of my sister Lucy and Mary. My father's name was Muton Childress. John was my half brother by father. Mother was dark, heavy set. I was born in Clark county, Missouri. Any information of the above named persons will please address Sam Caildress, Willis, Texas, care of Rev. John L. Smith, box 1983. j10 4s

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