Mrs. Lizzie Sims seeking her brothers, sisters, and aunt

Mr. Editor - I wish to make some inquiries in your paper for my people whom I have not seen since emancipation. I have three brothers, one named Jacob, one named Edward, one named Rafe; and three sisters, named Margaret, Annette, and Hannah; one aunt named Jane. We all belonged to a man named John Cockrum, and we all went by the name of Cockrum. After the death of John Cockrum we were sold at a public sale. I was sold to a man by the name of Boscaeser, and my sister Margaret was sold to a man named Philip Cheek; my brother Jacob was sold to Colum Hearne; brother Jacob's name was changed when he was sold to Jacob Hearne. I and brother Jack and sister Margaret were brought to Robertson county, Texas, and I was brought to Galveston, Texas. I have not heard of them since. My brothers Edward and Rafe and sisters Annette and Hannah, and aunt Jane I have not heard of since we were sold. If any one is acquainted with any of the above named please address Mrs. Lizzie Sims, Wallisville, Chambers county, Texas.

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