Richard Collins (formerly Dick Bolds) searching for his relatives

DEAR EDITOR—I desire information from my mother, sisters and brothers. Mother's name was Millie Bolds. Sisters' names were Venus, Liddy, Esther and Hannah Bolds; brothers' names, William and Aaron Bolds. Father, John Bolds, died in 1862. My oldest sister and brother Aaron were sold to a man in South Carolina. I was too young to remember the man's name that bought them. Mother and sisters Liddy and Esther left with Grant's army when he made his raid through Mississippi. Brother William ran off in 1861 from the Bolds. I left my youngest brother in Sherrer, Madison Co., Mississippi. I used to go by the name of Dick Bolds, but I have changed it to RIchard Collins. Any information of the above will be gladly received. Address me at Lake Providence, East Carroll parish, La., in care of J. A. Gla. RICHARD COLLINS.

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