Mandy White (formerly Mandy Vension Burt) searching for her sister and brother

MR EDITOR-- I wish to inquire for my sister and brother. My mother had 3 children, her name was Auldy Burt, sister Claricy Burt, brother William Burt. My name was at that time Mandy Vension Burt. I am now Mandy White. Mother used to belong to John Burt. I left them all in Poinsett county, Ark. Sister Claricy had 2 children, Susan and Joseph. Our nearest town was Harrisburg. I left sister with Birk Bratcher and brother was Thomas Estrage. I hope the preachers in Arkansas will help me in finding my people as your paper is doing and I hope my friends will aid me. God bless you. Please help me to find my only sister and brother Any information will be thankfully received at Marwell, Ark., in care of Albert Tate, P E.

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