Handy Williams seeks their brothers and sisters

MR. EDITOR— Please allow me space to inquire for my brothers and sisters. There were four brothers and four sisters. Brothers named Tonny, Louis, Handy, and Sandy, but called Dick. Sisters were named Easter, Badery, Francis and Ellen, but she got burned to death. Mother died when I was a boy, her name was Beanny. We all belonged to Merderic B. McCray, in Montgomery county, North Carolina. Brothers were all sold to a man by the name of Tom Stokes five years before the war. And were carried from Montgomery to Lexington, S. C., by Tom Stokes and left there in care of Spruce McCray and Jerry Alleyton until the drove were mode up for shipment; brother Fanny ran away from Lexington and went back to Merderic B. McCray's in Montgomery, N. C. And they caught him, and uncle Emanuel, who ran away from a man by the name of Weathers in South Carolina. And they both were put in jail in Troy, Montgomery, N. C , and brought back to Lexington. Any information concerning them would be thankfully received. My name now is Handy Williams. Write to me in care of Rev. A. Foster Calvert, Robertson county, Texas. I am respectfully yours, HANDY WILLIAMS.

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