Mrs. Annis Robinson searching for her brothers and sisters

MR. EDITOR— I wish to inquire for my brothers and sisters whom I left in Roanoke county, Virginia, and their names are Dick, Steven, Joe, James, and Thornton, and the girls Annis, Sophia, Sholotte, Ester, and Elvia. My mother's name was Elvia, my father's name Thornton. The old man that mother and children belonged to was Billy McGeorge. Myself and Annis left Virginia with Jeffery Gauging and Margarette Gauging, and I came away from Virginia, and I had a child and his name was Thornton, and a boy came along too and his name was Austin Pate. My son Thornton Lockwood takes the paper and I very often hear him read of people inquiring for their friends, and will you please publish it in all the Southern States. I would like very much to hear from them. Address my son, Rev. T. H. Lockwood, Warrenton, Mo., for Mrs. Annis Robinson.

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