E. H. Lampkins searching for his former wife Mrs. Bennie Jacko (formerly Mrs. Bennie Lampkins)

22 Nevada street, San Antonio, Tex.,
June 9, 1913.
Nashville Globe, Nashville, Tenn.:
I am sending this inquiring letter
to you in quest of Mrs. Bennie Jacko
or Mrs. Bennie Lampkins. She was
once married to me, but the last
time she married a man by the name
of Jacko; her mother's name was Mrs.
Charlotte Johnson, who lived in San
Marcos, Tex. Bennie was a member
of the A. M. E. Church. Please for-
ward [forward] this letter to the pastor of that
church, if you fail to locate her. We
have been informed that Bennie was
inn Nashville. Her people have not
been able to hear directly from her
in twelve years, and they are anxious
to find her, as her mother is dead
and they don't know whether she
knows of her death. Any informa-
tion [information] will be gladly received. Please
attend to this at once and oblige.
Your reliable friend and brother in

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