Wesley Torry reunited with his wife after 21 years


An Aged Colored Couple Renew
Acquaintance After Twenty-one
Years’ Separation.

San Antonio Express, 25.

Wesley Torry, an old and well
known colored man of this city, had
the pleasure last Saturday evening of
meeting his wife, whom he had not
seen before in twenty-one years, during
slavery times. An attempt of
friends to bring about a renewal of the
matrimonial tie has thus far proven a
failure, as she is not willing to live
here, and Wesley says he would not
live anywhere else on earth. Although
he is getting far advanced in life, his
hair being silvered with the frosts of
many winters, the longer he lives the
more he is attached to life, and declares
that he would not die willingly
even to enter the golden mansions
above. Wesley is a hard working, industrious
and thrifty colored man,
thought of and respected by his own
people; but he is of the opinion that
he has been separated too long from
his first and only love to again resume
the responsibilities of double blessedness.
She was sold from him in
slavery and taken away among strangers,
just as cruel fate had done for
many others before, and every effort
made by both of them to discover the
other’s whereabouts since the war has
been in vain until twenty one long
years, only to find themselves gray
haired and aged. If she can be pursuaded
to make San Antonio her
future home, a reconciliation may yet
be effected, and the old couple may yet
live many happy years together. The
event is a romantic one in the extreme
and illustrates the wonderful vicissitudes
of human life.

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