Susan Anderson found her brother and relatives

The PLANET Found Them.

Editor of PLANET:

Please give me space to say a
few words concerning the "ad" for
lost friends. Mrs. Susan Anderson
received a letter the first [undecipherable] Mr.
Charles Braxton of [undecipherable]
that he knew the [undecipherable] in
Virginia. He knew the following names
in the "ad" and he is in Lake
Provident, La., Ada Pendleton, Dr.
Goodman, Henry Burruss. He said
Henry Burruss family lives about
two hundred yards from his father's
house and he knows John L. Burruss,
(white). Mr. Charles Braxton
says he has been a reader of The
Planet for good many years.

Yours truly,


Mineola, Wood Co., Texas.

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