Mrs. Christine Whetstone Holt searching for her siblings Missouri, Margaret, Lettie, and Jack Whetstone

I would like to know the whereabouts of my
brothers and sisters. They are Missouri Whet-
stone [Whetstone], Margaret Whetstone, Lettie Whetstone,
Jack Whetstone, Harriet Whetstone, Athe
Whetstone, and George had a cousin by the
name of Anna Means. We were all born in
Spartanburgh, South Carolina, and all belonged
to Dave Whetstone. My fathers name was
Athe Bobo, he was owned by a man named
Foster. My mothers name is Jennie Whetstone,
she died in South Carolina. Margaret was sold
to Bob Kates, who carried her off in a specula-
tor's [speculator’s] drove to Georgia. Harriet I left in Spart-
anburgh [Spartanburgh], she has since married a man named
Jones, left Athe there also. George, Jack, Mis-
souri [Missouri], Lettie and I went to Florida with Mike
Whetstone. I was brought out to Helena, Texas,
by Dave Whetstone. I have not heard from
any of them, except my sister Lettie, she was
still in Columbus, Florida. My Aunts name
was Rina, she and her daughter Hannah be-
longed [belonged] to Bob Kates. I am now Christine
Whetstone Holt, having married Jno. F. Holt.
Will every pastor please read this to his con-
gregation [congregation]. Any information of the above rela-
tives [relatives] will be thankfully received by Mrs.
Christine Holt, care Jno. F. Holt, Corpus
Christi, Texas. 4 22.

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