Rev. J. Preston Watson reunited with friend Thomas Gannon

Search of Nearly Fifty Years Ends
Successfully for Old Negro.
Pueblo, Col. - A revival of old memories,
harking back to the ante-bellum
days, when he as a boy was sold many
times on the auction block a a chattel,
and finally at the age of 17, learned
of the war to free the negroes, he
escaped from his master and found
refuge in a camp of Federal soldiers,
was occasioned to the mind of Rev.
J. Preston Watson by the receipt of a
letter from Thomas Gannon, an old
soldier now residing at Monte Vista, Colo.

It was Gannon, then a First Lieutenant
in the Ninth Missouri Cavalry
and later promoted to Captain, 54
years ago, who formed a liking for the
fugitive colored boy and took him in.
Throughout the war until the close
four years later, Watson remained
with Gannon. Then they separated,
with the understanding that Watson
was to go to Gannon's home and under
his instructions, learn the tinner's

But alternating circumstances intervened.
Although in the intervening
years each frequently tried to find a
trace of the other, their efforts proved
in vain until two years ago Watson,
then a veteran pastor, who had
done nearly 40 years' service for the
African Methodist church, learned
that Capt. Gannon was living near
Leadville. This belug in the district
which Watson toured as presiding elder,
he renewed his search and finally
found Capt. Gannon, a feeble,
gray haired man.

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