Charlie Oliver (formerly Dandridge Vius) searching for his grandfather Free John

Do You Know Them?
Is there any reader of the PLANET
who can inform me of any of the per-
sons [persons] whose names I have mentioned? If
so please inform me through the PLAN-
ET [PLANET] or by letter.
Address same to
Greenbrier, Ark.
I am inquiring for my grandfather
who is likely to be in this city now. He
is sometimes known as "Free John,"
and has been a barber in Richmond
since 1855. He was a free man all his
life, hence his name, but his family was
owned by "Jack Vius."
Free John's family's names were as
follows: his wife, Nancy Vius, Daugh
ters, Harriet, Dinah and Emily Vius,
sons, Henry and Thomas Vins.
Jack Vius lived 3 miles west of Ellot,
Va., King William Co., in 1860. I was
then known and "Dandridge Vius." I
was sold in 1859 and my name was then
changed to Charlie Oliver. My father
was "Ottaway Boshare," mother, Har-
riet [Harriet] Vius.
An early reply will be much accept-
ed [accepted].
Greenbrier, Ark.

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