Rev. Bedford Carr searching for his aunt

MR. EDITOR--I wish to inquire
for my aunt. She left us in Plaque-
mine [Plaquemine], La., in the year 1866, and
went to New Orleans to wait on
Mr. Delaney's wife, and we have
not seen her since. but we heard
from her in 1879 when at the Star-
field [Starfield] plantation. She has lost her
husband, he died in 1871. She has
two sisters living; the oldest is
named Harriet Carr and the other
Rhody Mims. When she left us
Rhody was going by the name of
Rhody Sirrean; and Cary Sirrean,
her brother, is named Robt. Blan-
chard [Blanchard]. Edmond Blanchard and
Willis Strowes are the names of her
other brothers. We were staying
with a Mr. Samuel Warden in
Plaquemine, La. Please address
me at Bayou Gross Tete, Iberville
parish, Rosedale post-office, La.

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