Peter Stroman (formerly Peter Blakey) searching for his father Bill Bridges

MR. EDITOR-- I wish to inquire for my father whom I left in Steward county, Ga., near a town named Boxankle. My mother brought me from there before the war. I was about 2 years old; my little sister's name was Edepy; we were our father's two children. My father's name was Bill Bridges; he belonged to a man of that name. My mother's name was Belle Blakey; she belonged to Jack Blakey. She is now living in Mars, Texas. My name was Peter Blakey; went by that name after the white people, but by right my name should have been Peter Bridge, after my father. This statement is from my mother. If any one knows his whereabouts please let me know. My name now is Peter Stroman. Address me at Millwood, Little River co., Ark. PETER STROMAN.

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