Kizzie Franklin (formerly Kizzi Ortry) searching for her daughter Eliza Ortry's brothers Bob and John Orty and Edy Denson

MR. EDITOR: Bro. Charley Brown says that you found his people who had been gone ever since 1867. My name is Kizzi Ortry. I belonged to William Ortry in Monroe county, Alabama. His sons were Jefferson and Alex Ortry. My husband is Colonel Ortry, and son Ambrose. My daughters are with me, Tina and Eliza Ortry. Eliza's brothers are Bob and John Ortry and Edy Denson. I left them about 31 or 32 years ago. I want to find all my people, especially Bob and John Ortry. Address Kizzie Franklin, Garland City, Arkansas. 4t

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