Betsey Armstead searching for his mother Harriet Nash and sister Eliza Hension

DEAR EDITOR--I wish to in-
quire [inquire] for my mother and one sis-
ter [sister]. My mother's name is Har-
riet [Harriet] Nash, and my sister's name is
Eliza Hension. My mother's first
husband was named William Nash.
He came to Texas with me. I left
mother in Louisiana, and have not
heard from her since. I came to
Texas in 1874. I left her on Dr.
Sanders' place, at La Teche, La.
Any information concerning them
will be thankfully received by Bet
sey [Betsey] Armstead, in care of Henry
Smith, at Perch, Washington coun-
ty [county], Texas.

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