Milfred Hanton searching for his brother Ellis Buck

MR. EDITOR––I wish to inquire
for my brother, whose name is
Ellis Buck. He used to belong to
Mr. John Buck, and we lived on
Sunflower river. My mother's name
was Maria, and my father's name
was Peter Hanton; he was sold by
his young master before the war.
There were nine children of us.
My brothers were named Ellis,
Milfred and John. Four of
my sisters were named as follows:
Calasins, Martha, Susan and Man-
dy [Mandy]. We all belonged to the same
man. Pastors will please read this
inquiry from their pulpits and ad-
dress [address] any information concerning
my brother, Ellis Buck, to Mil-
fred [Milfred] Hanton, care of S. Young,
West Point, Miss.

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