Charlotte Butler searching for her husband William Butler

MR. EDITOR-I wish to inquire
for my husband. His name was
Wm. Butler. We left Sumpterville,
S. C., with a man by the name of
Wm. Beleher; he took us to Charls-
ton [Charleston], and sold us to a man by the
name of John Flennoid, and he
brought us to Nashville, Tenn., and
then he moved us to Memphis, and
there sold my husband to a man by
the name of Mr. Isaac. After this
Mr. Flennoid took me back to
Nashville, and sold me to Mr. Geo.
Hitchens, and he brought me to
Texas. Address me at Goliad,
Texas, in care of Reu. C. P. West-
brooks [Westbrooks]. CHARLOTTE BUTLER

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