Eliza Pemberton searching for her mother and siblings

MR. EDITOR – I wish to inquire
for my relatives – my mother, two
sisters and three brothers. My
father’s name was Henry, who died
in Maryland. My mother’s name
was Mollie, my sisters’ names were
Ellen and Winney. Ellen is the
oldest; my brothers’ names were
Warner, Lloyd and Burrell. We
all belonged to Mary Stewart, who
married a Mr. Fred. Terret, in Virginia,
and she carried us all to
Alexandria, Va. Warner, my oldest
brother, then was sold to Mr.
Sandy Arnold, a livery stable
keeper, when I left, my next
brother, Lloyd, was sold to Mr.
Bill Scarce, in Alexandria; my
youngest brother, Burrell, was sold
to Dr. Baker, in Richmond. My
two sisters and I were sold to Mr.
Joe Bruin, in Alexandria. My name
is Eliza. I desire as a special favor
of the pastors of Alexandria and
Richmond, Va,, the reading of this
letter to the people. Address me
at Marshall Texas.

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