David Young searching for his stepfather's family

MR. EDITOR: ---- By the providence of God, and the aid of the SOUTHWESTERN, I have been able to find my people. I hope the ministers will take a more active part in circulating and getting subscribers for the paper. I wish to inquire for my step-father's people, whom he left in Alabama, about 30 years ago. He has not seen any of them since. His mother and father belonged to Joe Bradford, sisters and brothers all belonged to Bradford. There was sisters Partheney, Emily and Joanna; and brothers John and Charles Henry. Webster Bradford sold John before the war to Bill Thomson. He was sold to Patrick McKinney. McKinney had an overseer Meyer White, who wanted to whip John one day, but he took the whip from him and whipped him nearly to death. He was put in jail, tried and condemned to be hung. So Patrick McKInney run him to Texas. Address David Young, care of G. V. Medlock, Cedar Creek, Bastrop county, Texas.

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