Rev. J. N. Oden searching for relatives

MR. EDITOR ---- I wish to inquire for my relatives, whom I have not heard from since 1857. My mother's name was Eliza Oden, who belonged to a man named George Higgins, who lived in Anne Arundel county, Md. My father's name was William Oden, who belonged to a man named Hall; he also lived in Anne Arundel county, near Millersville postoffice. My mother died in August, 1855, and father died in September, 1855. There were four brothers, William Oden, who I left in the city of Baltimore, Md., in 1857; Charles Oden I left at home in Anne Arundel county in 1857, he was sold about the year 1860; the last I heard of him he was in Ohio, married, and had two children. London Oden my youngest brother, I left in Maryland or somewhere travelling with the white people. I was sold in 1857 to a speculator who brought me to Alabama. I had a sister named Catherine Oden; she married a man named Hawkins; the last I heard her she was living in Washington City, D. C. The ministers will confer a great favor on me by reading this notice from their pulpits. Address me at Refuge, Miss.


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