G. V. Medlock searching for his grandfather Daniel, grandmother Betsy as well as several aunts and uncles

DEAR EDITOR ---- I wish to inquire for my kin people, those whom I know anything about, and whom I have never seen since I was about five or six years old. I left them about Dec. 28th, 1865, in Limestone county, Texas, on the Navasota, near Springfield. My people, all belonged to the Strouds. Grandfather was Daniel --- I suppose since freedom he took the name of Medlock. Grandmother was Betsy. David, John, Nathan, and Jim were my father's brothers. I had uncles Willis and Isaiah, and aunts Rachel, Martha, Nancy, Nellie, Betsie, Becky --- all sons and daughters of grandfather David Medlock. Father's oldest child was a girl, Abby; the next was a boy, Robert, born May 1, 1856; Granley was the next, and I was the baby. Address, G. V. MEDLOCK.

Cedar Creek, Texas.

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