Henrietta Jones, from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, searching for her daughter Georgianna Jones (2nd of 2 ads placed)

Information Wanted.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, May 3, 1873.

I have written several letters to Washington,
in hopes of finding or hearing something
of my daughter Georgianna Jones, but without

My maiden name was Henrietta Fants,
my husband's name Cornelius Jones; we
were both raised in the same house by Dr.
Spencer Mitchell, and married under his roof
also. We were married by preacher Wilson,
of the Methodists connection. I cannot
recollect his first name. The names of some
of the children of the man that raised me and
my husband were John Francis Mitchell,
William Spencer Mitchell, Spencer Mitchell.
Theophilus Mitchell, who was the youngest
of the family. The daughters were Mary
Mitchell, the eldest. She was not married
whilst living at Washington. Lucy Ann
Brown was the married daughter. I also
lived with Lieutenant Boutwell and family
and Mr. John Underwood. The latter
resided on Capital Hill. Mr. John Engrol
lived at the same place.

I have forgotten the precise date on which
I left Washington with my husband; we
went to live at Lewistown, in Pennsylvania.
The name of my husband's mother was Mary
Ellen Jones. The last employment of my
husband was second cook with a Frenchman
of the name Deaveneau, at Willard's Hotel,
in Washington. My husband was accidentally
shot at Lewiston. I sent my daughter
back to my native place and left Lewistown
in 1861 and came to this county, a widow,
with my son Abraham Clinton Jones. My
daughter, if living still, will be seventeen
years of age on the 9th of this month.


Any information forwarded to this office
will be communicated to Mrs. Jones. — ED.

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