A. J. Sims searching for his father Solomon Sims and brother Moses Sims

MR EDITOR-- I desire to inquire for my father and brother. We left Mississippi, Panola county. My mother is named Betsy Syrous, at that time her name was Betsy Carroll; the oldest girl was named Dilley Sims, the others were Moses Sims, Palmyra Sims and myself, Andrew Sims; father was Solomon Sims, and belonged to Tony Sims; my brother's father was Henry Sims, and he belonged to Jimmy Sims of Yallabusha county. The last time I heard of my father he was in Neshoba county, Miss.; the last time we heard of Moses Sims' father he was in Memphis, Tenn. Mr. Johnson went from Memphis to Grenada and told grandma, Milly Sims, that he was in Memphis. Please address any information to A.J. Sims, Cotton Gin, Freestone county, Texas. My mother's master was named John D. Carroll. We have been in Texas about 20 years. My mother has sisters in Yallabusha county, Miss.

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