Simon Foley looking for his mother Rachel Foley and siblings, Neut, Doctor, P. O., Matilda, and Harriet

Simon Foley desires to learn the whereabouts
of his people if any of them are
alive. I left them on the Poplar Hill
plantation near the Antioch church, about
44 years ago. I was then about 11 years
old, and I have forgotten the name of the
county, but it is in the State of Virginia.
My people all belonged to Mr. Enoch Foley.
The name of my mother was was
Rachel Foley. My oldest brother s
name was Neut Foley. He was a blacksmith.
My next brother's name was Doctor
Foley. My third brother's name was
P O. Foley, I had one sister named Matilda
Foley and one named Harriet Foley.
Any information that can be given will
be gladly received.
Helena Station, Washington Co, Miss.

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