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J. J. Redmond searching for Sarah Fisher and her son Frank who both left St. Louis in 1863 for Iowa, then returned to St. Louis.

Mrs. Louisa Cook, wife of Benjamin Cook, Co. K, 28th U.S.C.T., is asked to call at Hicks U.S. Army General Hospital in Baltimore, MD.

Wood's brother, Gabriel Wood, enlisted in 1861 and died in 1863 or 1864. Was stationed on President's Island, near Memphis, TN. [Ad is possibly related to a Civil War pension application].

R. A. Howard searching for Joseph H. Johnson, late of New Orleans, and asks him to call at Mrs. Elzey's.

Nathaniel Dunmore is searching for soldiers who know details of Edmond Dunmore's death. Enlisted from Pennsylvania during the Civil War. [Presumably related to a Civil War pension application].

Winnie Lynn searching for her husband Davy Linn who left Chicago, Illinois with an Illinois regiment around 1861, during the Civil War

Lucretia Palmer (nee Maupin) searching for someone familiar with her marriage on King Maupin's place, near Rogersville, KY, about 1858. [Palmer presumably needed this testimony to apply for a Civil War widow's pension].

C. A. Halley, special examiner, seeking information of Mrs. Fleming who was Harvey Fleming's wife.

Chas. Tucker searching for Elizabeth Jackson, widow of Henry Jackson, late of Washington, DC. [Possibly related to a Civil War widow's pension.]

W. H. Anderson, former adjutant of 6th Virginia regiment, searching for service information of William Green, Wyatt Bonds, and Henry Hill.

John Anderson's widow, Mrs. Catherine Anderson, searching for information regarding fellow members of his company during the Civil War [presumably to apply for a Civil War widow's pension].

Henrietta Wilson is searching for a member of Co. "E" 26th Regiment who knew a William Fox of Kentucky.

J. C. Boone is searching for his old comrades who were with him at Camp Foster in 1864.

John C. Bender and William Bouy are searching for a comrade who served in the same regiment as Bouy

Nelson Lewis, Mendota, IL, searching for David D. Ficket, Captain, Company D, 29th U.S.C.T. (U.S. Colored Troops), Civil War

Grant lived in the County Hospital, Farmhurst, DE. Placed two ads on the same page (one ad for Mittie and Bakes, the other for Grimes).

National Tribune. Washington DC. Jun 28 1900.jp2
Mrs. Maggie Broad searching for those who knew Julian Broad. He enlisted at Beaufort, SC, in "a colored regiment." Civil War.

Richmond Planet March 15 1902.jp2
Anthony Cox searching for John Taliaferro, Major Woolridge, Dennis Minor, John Clark, Walker Clark, and Lewis Clark. Worked at the "Salt Works" together. The Clarks and Dennis Minor in Co. B, 119th Regiment, U.S. Colored Infantry, Civil War. They…

National Tribune. Aug 29 1901.jp2
Lewis Smith searching for Captain James H. Mathew and Lieutenant Dallas Duval

National Tribune Washington DC. May 31 1888.jp2
Martha A. Washington searching for addresses of officers or enlisted men who served with husband, George Washington, Co. B., 113th U.S.C.T. [Probably for a widow's pension claim]

National Tribune. Washington DC Dec 30 1909.jp2
Rev. Geo. Nicholas wants address of Lieutenant J.C. Haskell, Co. B. 54th U.S.C.T. [maybe related to a Civil War veteran's pension?]

National Tribune. Washington DC. June 20 1907.jp2
Catherine Bruester searching for her brother, Green Baker (Bruester), who joined a Tennessee colored regiment in 1862 and has not been seen since.

Evening Bulletin. Maysville KY. Feb 19 1902.jp2
Mrs. Eliza Johnson searching for "colored" Civil War soldiers who were "inmates of the old hospital on Front street" in Maysville, KY. [Maybe to establish a Civil War widow's pension claim?]
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