Emma (Washington) Moore searching for her family

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Emma (Washington) Moore searching for her family


Lost Friends Ad


Emma (Washington) Moore searching for her parents. Lucinda Johnson and John Washington; sisters Louisa and Bettie; and brothers Ed and Jerry Johnson.


Southwestern Christian Advocate (New Orleans, LA)


May 10, 1883


Meridian, MS
Greensboro, WV (formerly VA)
Essex, VA


Margaret Strolle



DEAR DEAR:--I want information as to my people whom I left in Virginia some years ago.My owner was Robert G. Hudgans; I left him at Greensboro, White Sulphur Springs. My mother was Lucinda Johnson, and lived at the same place. My father was named John Washington and lived in Essex county, Va. Sisters were Louisa and Bettie, and brothers Ed Johnson and Jerry Johnson. My young masters were Walter, Westcomb and Bob Hudgans, and Sally and Milly Hudgans, and Ellen Hudgans. When I lived there my name was Emma Washington; itis now Emma Moore. I was sold in Richmond, and brought to New Orleans by John Davis, and he sold me to a Mr. Bruing at the trader's yard; and I was brought to Mississippi by John Alcorn. Address Emma Moore,Meridian, Lauderdale co., Miss., in care of Mashall Roberts.




“Emma (Washington) Moore searching for her family,” Lost Friends Ad, Southwestern Christian Advocate (New Orleans, LA), May 10, 1883, Last Seen: Finding Family After Slavery, accessed March 18, 2018, http://informationwanted.org/items/show/2018.

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