Through one of the ads, I was able to confirm my great great grandmother's father and one of her brothers.  The ad also gave me the names of two additional brothers and a sister who placed the ad. What a wonderful resource you have provided.  Thank you, thank you! 

Patricia Newby
Great great granddaughter of Sookie & William Toles
October 20, 2017

I am in tears as I write this email. Browsing through these ads is one of the most emotional instances I have had in my years of genealogy research. I have always felt that by speaking someone's name is to honor that person and confirm that they were human and that they existed.

Anna M.Delgado
"The Creola Genealogist"
March 14, 2017

I purchased a 23andme dna kit and subsequently shared my information, looking for potential relatives. I was subsequently contacted by a relative in Chicago who revealed a part of my family history that was both embarrassing and shocking to me- my family in Kentucky owned slaves from the 1840's until just before the Civil War.
Thanks for doing this project. 

Patrick King
February 23, 2017

I am so grateful to you for this effort. As a Black baby boomer who grew up at a time when the US history curriculum taught in elementary and secondary schools was so biased and lacking much factual information about the true horrors and emotional toll of slavery and its aftermath -  I am so excited about this site. It gives an unfiltered voice to those who suffered and speaks to the importance and power of love, memory and hope.

Lori Harris-Benabou
March 9, 2017

I'd like to thank all involved who have brought this project to bear. These types of notices are treasures of information, and I do believe that your efforts will be most impactful in facilitating family "reunions" that may not otherwise have been possible.

Barbie Jones 
February 23, 2017

My mother’s uncle was captured by slavers in Nigeria. My grandfather with limited resources tried his best to find him but to no avail. This project resonates with me.

Dr. Tinukwa Boulder
February 23, 2017


My 3rd great grandfather was Miles Tilman Busbee or Busby want to know if their is a connection. Thank you.

Margie Cook

I'm doing my family history and was told that Eliza Crummer is my great-great grandmother. 

Susanna H. Lee


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