Archey M'Cloud searching for his mother Emily Ramsey and siblings Adeney, Frank, Lewis, and Georgiana

mother, sister and two brothers. My
mother's name, Emily Ramsey ; used to be-
long to Mr. Thomas Ramsey, of Thomas
Co , Ga. My father's name was George
M'Cloud ; belonged to Mr. Wm. Ramsey, of
the same county. Mother had five children,
viz., Adeney, Archey, Frank, Lewis and
Georgiana. Mother and brothers Frank
and Lewis, and sister Georgiana were sold
to a speculator by the name of Curlias [?] Car-
roll, in 1863 I have not heard from them
since. Any information of either of them
will be gladly received. Address, Archey
M'Cloud, Boston, Ga., in care of Rev. W.
O. P. Sherman.

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