A Strange Incident.—Six years ago, a young black man in Maryland, tired of being a slave, took advantage of a propitious night, and ran away to Canada. On sending back an occasional message to his aged father, who remained behind in bonds, he found means, for some time, of procuring answers, until at length no more answers came. Then for five years he heard nothing, and neither father nor son knew if the other were alive or dead. A few days ago, a gentleman in a public position in this city received a letter from this dusky Canadian correspondent, asking if there were any possible way of finding out something about his father. This letter was shortly afterwards enclosed to an editor of this paper, and was lying open on his desk, when the office was entered by a stranger from a Border State—an old man with a black face—and no other than the young man's father! So the letter had an unexpected and speedy answer, and by this time the father and son have seen each other face to face! Who shall say that the kind providence of God does not signally favor the poor and the lowly whom men despise?—Independent.

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