John and Sandy Anderson looking for their family

Information Wanted.
I would like to find my relatives. I
was born in Sommerset Co., Md., Prences
am [Prencesam], Md. I left there 36 years ago. I belonged to John Anderson. My moth-
er [mother] belonge to the same party. Her
name was Peggy and her husband's
name was Adam Lankford. My mother
had six boys; viz: Horace, Charles,
George, Alexander, Henry and Sandy.
I had two sisters, viz: Sarah Ann and
Malinda. One of our neighbors was
named W. Barnes and one Mrs. Porter.
My aunt Harriet belonged to a man
named Morris Adams. My uncles were
George and Frank Arter. They belonged
to Morris Adams. My cousins were
Moses, Ike, Daniel and Litt and belong-
ed [belonged] to the same person. I had two other cousins named Maria and Easter. I
was sold by John Anderson to John
Sanders, a Negro trader; he sold me to
Smith, a Negro trader; Smith sold me
Robertson, a Negro trader and Robert-
son [Robertson] sold me to Judge Perkinson of Lou- isiana [Louisiana]. If any one can give me any in- formation [information] of above named parties will please address
JOHN ANDERSON or his son,
Mineola, Wood Co., Tex. 12,8 4t

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