Rev. Thomas Nelson Allen looking for his family

Do You Know Them?
I would like to know the wherea-
bouts [whereabouts] of my father if living, three
sisters and one brother. My mother
died before the war.
My father's name is Robert Allen,
Sisters respectively Sarah, Margaret
and Nancy. Father, mother and my-
self [myself] belonged to Wm. Burton all of Chesterfield, Va., my brother was
sold at the age of fourteen. I never
saw him any more after he was sold.
Last sien of the others was in Man-
chester [Manchester], Va. in 1865.
Any one knowing their wherea-
bouts [whereabouts] will kindly inform their broth-
er [brother] who is very desirous of finding
18 Wheat Street
Ithaca, N.Y.

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