John Walker searching for his mother Matilda Walker and his siblings

DEAR EDITOR—I wish to know the whereabouts of my mother, brothers and sisters. My mother was Matilda Walker. Her first owner's was a man named Walker, in Newton County, Ga. My brothers were Frank, Joseph and Charley. Sisters were Harrie, Dilsie and Lethie. The last man who owned us in Georgia was Capt. McCirty, who lived between Dalton and Tunnel Hill. He was a Methedist preacher. He sold us in Memphis, Tennessee, to Messrs Hitchens & Colco. From there we were taken to Natchez, Miss, and kept in the trader's yard till the death of Colco. We were finally sold at sheriff's sale. I was bought in by Hitchen's. I was then taken to Nashville, Tenn., and in 1858 brought to Texas. My name is John Walker. My people used to call me Jack. Any information leading to the whereabouts of the persons named will be thankfully received. Write me as follows. JOHN WALKER, Glidden, Tex.

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