Aleck McGae searching for his brothers

MR EDITOR -- Please inquir through your paper for my brothers Pillow and Charlie Dodds. They were raised in Franklin county, Miss. They belonged to Dr. Wm. Dodds. There mother's name was Adeline Dodds. She formerly lived in Hinds county, and was brought to Franklin caunty by Dr. Wm. Dodds. We had a sister by the name of Jane; she ran away from Franklin county in the year 1864 with Pillow and with a band of men; the leader of that band was named Prince. We heard they went to Natchez, Miss. My sister had a daughter by the name of Anna Jane. The last time we heard from them they were living with an old man by the name of Jack Wilson. We have not heard anything as to their whereabouts for five years. Should you hear anything from them please address me, Aleck McGae in care Rev. P. F. Robinson, Crystal Springs, Miss.

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