Eliza Wade searching for her son Pleasant Norman

MR. EDITOR.-The time my son Pleasant left me in Mississippi was Oct. 28, 1886. An inquiring letter from Eliza Wade to her son Pleasant Norman: Dear son-If ever this reaches you I want you to write to me immediately. I want to hear from you bad. I am still living at Winston, near the [indecipherable] Home place, close by Mr. John W. Wades. If you get this come see me, for I need your assistance. Your Aunt Sallie's two little girls are grown; Hattie is with me; yet Milton is tolerable well; he is bothered a great deal with the rheumatism, and I need your assistance. If you ever get this letter I want you to be sure to write and come to your mother at Winston's Switch. Your mother Eliza Wade, Murfreesboro, Tenn., Rutherford county, Tenn.

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