John A. Brown searching for his parents and siblings George, Mary Jane, Ellen Nora, and Peter Brown

Wants to Find His People.
The clerk of the court has received a letter dated
Greenville, S. C., stating: "Many years ago I was
sold from my mother and father. I now wish to
hear from them as I am in possession of property,
and do not know when I am call from this world.
My master's name was George Williams and his
wife was named Betsy Williams, and he had sons
named George and Munroe and one daughter
named Rosa, who married a Hancock, and her hus-
band [husband] sold me to Mr. Jack Brinkley, a speculator.
My father belonged to a family of Browns." He
gives the names of George, Mary Jane, Ellen Nora,
and Peter Brown, as those of his brothers and sis-
ters [sisters], and closes by saying: "I was born back of the
public pump on Avenue street, Washington city, I
have been away from there 40 years. Do let me
hear from some of my people. John A. Brown."

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