Ann Whaley searching for her relatives

Ex-Slave, 101 Years Old, Wants
Mayor to Find Relatives.

Many quaint letters filled with unusual
requests are received by the Mayors of
cities, and since taking office Mayor Preston
has received his share.

One that came yesterday from New Orleans
from a colored woman, who signed
herself Ann Whaley, touched the Mayor
deeper than any he has received.

The writer states that she is 101 years
old and was an ex-slave, her mother having
belonged to a Capt. Peter Whaley of this
city. She asked the Mayor to find her
relatives or some members of the Whaley
family, stating that she was anxious to see
some of "her people," white or black, before
she died. The Mayor forwarded the
letter to Marshal Farnan with a request
that the Police Department endeavor to
supply the information desired.

The letter follows:
"Mayor's Pahlor, Baltimore, Md.:
"Your Honor--You will kindly inform
me if you can of the whereabouts of my
relatives living in your city. My mother's
name was Minta Whaley. She was owned
by Capt. Peter Whaley. I am 101 years of
age to the best of my knowledge. There
are relatives of mine living in your city or
some of their posterity. I am very anxious
to get in direct correspondence with them.
Anything you can do for me, an ex-slave,
will be highly appreciated.

"This is the only way left open to me.
You will kindly locate for me the Whaley
family, if that is more convenient for you.
I am anxious to see some of my people,
white or black, before I die. Humbly
yours, "ANN WHALEY.
"2000 Conti street, N.O., La."

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