Joseph Phillips searching for father, aunt, and cousins

Information Wanted
A gentleman by the name of Joseph Phillips, residing in Grants-ville, Nevada, is very anxious to learn of the whereabouts of his relatives. In order that they may be identified, we are requested to state that he belonged to a Mr. Scott, of this city, who owned a plantation about 25 miles above Baton Rouge, and was sold in com-pany with four cousins in 1850 or 1851. He was purchased by a Mr. Blancha, a dentist, No. 104 Royal street. After that he was sold to a negro trader named Hatch, who, in turn, sold him to a Mr. Faulknay, of Texas. When with his first owner he went by the name of Valance Scott. When with the dentist, Joseph Blancha.
His father's name was Baptiste Phillips; his mother is dead; he left in this city an aunt named Fanny, and two cousins, Matilda and Chloe. Any information furnished LOUISIANAN concerning these people will be thankfully received.

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