Eliza Ruflin (formerly Eliza Graves) searching for her family including her parents Nancy and Robert Graves

Lost Relative.
I would like to know the whereabouts of my
people. My mother's name was Nancy Graves,
my father's name Robert Graves; belonged to
Paten Graves, who at that time lived upon
Pig River above Lynchburg, Va. I have a
brother, Thomas, who was my master's servant,
and sister Mary was their seamstress. My
young masters' names were James, Thomas and
Frank Graves. My young master, Frank
Graves, went to Missouri and carried sisters
Kathren and Sarah. Sister Kathren married
a free man, who bought her from Frank
Graves. My mother had eleven children.
My brother's names were Banks, George,
Robert, James and Newton; sisters, Mary,
Kathren, Sarah, Matilda, and Lucy Martin
Graves. My name was Eliza Graves. I was
stolen by old Sam Burger from Mrs. Annie
Green and carried to Lynchburg. From there
he brought me to Richmond, Va., and after I
became free I came up to Jackson, Tenn., and
have been here every since. Any information
will be gladly received by Eliza Ruflin, Jack-
son [Jackson], Tenn.

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