MR. EDITOR: I wish to inquire
for my relatives. My father was
Andrew Thompson, and his wife
Frankie. She had a son Randall
when father married her. After
father married her she had fifteen
children, named as follows: Manuel,
Lucy, Lettie, Betsey, William,
Squire, Berry, Martha and Senel,
who had twelve fingers, the other
five children are dead. I left them
in South Carolina in 1830 or 1831.
I was carried to Fairfield, S. C.,
by young Mistress Caroline Thomson,
who married Mr. Meande.
The last time I heard from any of
them was just before the war.
Some were then in Tennessee, Willis
Thompson is here in West Point.
He was carried off at the same
time I was and by the same lady.
Sister Letty was also carried to
the same place. I left her in
Montgomery, Ala. Address me
care of Rev. J. F. Pratt, West
Point, Miss.

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