Mahallah Escoe seeking her brother Robert Cofield

MR. EDITOR--I desire to find my
brother; his name was Robert Co-
field [Cofield]. He left me in True county,
Ga., in 1851. He belonged to Col.
Willis Cofield, and went to Cham-
bers [Chambers] county, Ala., with our young
master, Dock Cofield, in 1852; he
left there for Arkansas. Our moth-
er [mother] was named Lettie Cofield; my
name was Mahallah, but they al-
ways [always] called me Puss, for short. I
got a letter from him in 1870; his
postoffice was then Magnolia, Ark.
We had a half brother, Sandy, and
a half sister, Kitty. Our step-
father [step-father] was Joe Cofield. We lived
ten miles west of LaGrange, True
county, Ga. I remember that
brother Robert got his forehead
split open with an iron wedge,
splitting rails for a Mr. Joe Greene,
at night, and he will be known by
the scar on his forehead. I will be
obliged to all the readers of this
valuable paper, especially the min-
isters [ministers] of Arkansas, in helping me
find my brother, Robert Cofield. I
have a good start in this world, and
would like to find my brother. It
may be that my brother has gone
back to Tennesse or to Alabama.
I will be under obligations to any
one who can assist me in finding
him. Please address me at Bren-
ham [Brenham], Texas, care of my husband,
Thomas J. Escoe, or Rev. W. H.
Jackson, pastor, Brenham Texas.

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