Mr. King Bird searching for his mother

The Nashville Globe is in receipt of
a letter from New Castle, Wash.,
dated November 7. It comes from
one Mr. King Bird, who is looking for
his lost relatives. The letter reads
in part as follows: "I would like to
ask a favor of you, and it is that you
please lend me some assistance in
locating my relatives. I left my
mother in Moscow, Tenn., about twen
ty years ago. Her name was Mercy
Micky and her oldest son was named
John Micky. One of her daughters
was Kaldonia Gray. She had a grand
daughter by the name of Sophia Pull-
man and another by the name of Amy
Gray. Her grandson was named Go-
vine Micky. Thinking that they
might have moved into Nashville, I
thought I would write to see if you
could help me locate some of them.
I am very anxious to find some one
that can give me the information de-
sired. My mother had another grand-
son by the name of Argyle Micky.
Any information leading up to the
whereabouts of these persons will be
highly appreciated. Address all
communications to King Bird, New
Castle, Wash." This letter is pro-
duced for the accommodation of the
gentlemen, who has been away for a
score of years from loved ones.

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