Sophia Brown searching for her relatives including her mother Harriet King and brother Peter

To Whom it May Concern.
Can any one answer this letter to the satis-
faction [satisfaction] of the writer?
"TO THE EDITOR OF THE SUN-Sir: I have some relations
in Richmond, Va. They are not in Richmond town, but
are in that county. My mother was named HARRIET KING,
and me and my brother PETER were sold together, and
came as far as Duck Hill, Miss., together, and there we
parted. I was sold to a man by the name of MOOKLAH.
My owner's name was ROBERT KING. His wife died be-
fore [before] I was sold. I cannot remember all of my mother's
children. My sister was named EMMA KING. My
father's name was ISHAM KING. He died a good while
before I was sold. Please give me some information
of the whereabouts of my relatives. Respectfully yours,
"CARROLLTON, Miss., Sept. 3."
What strange things we have seen in our
day! And how incredible they seem when
revived by such an appeal as this!

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