Alfred Buckner searching for his brother Horace Buckner

Mr. Editor.--I reside in Madi-
son, Jefferson county, Indiana; a
free holder of some property; was
born in old Virginia, Madison coun-
ty, five miles from Orange Court-
house, ten miles from Madison
Courthouse, and three miles from
Lyson Mill. My mother's name
Nannie, and belonged to Mallier.
A number of years ago I had a
brother by the name of Horace
Buckner sold to the Negro trader.
The man that bought him was
named Humphrey Taylor. When
he came back after another drove
of Negroes he stated to us that he
had sold him in Huntsville, Ala.
I have thought a thousand times
about writing and trying to find
him, but I thought that he was
dead, and he may be, but I've come
to the conclusion that he is as like-
ly to be alive as I am. I am the
oldest. I have a desire to hear from
him. Gibson Maller, a son of old
Billy, brought me and brother
Peter from old Virginia, Jefferson
county, within five miles of Louis-
ville, and there we served until the
emancipation took place. Brother
Peter came to Indiana when I did,
but he is dead now. He died in
1882. A family of them by the
name of Buckner went to the South,
and if any of them are there I
would like to hear from them. I
desire this to go through all of the
churches, Baptist and Methodist.
A son of old Travis Buckner that
married Nannie, belonged to Orm-
bus Madison, not far from Orange
Courthouse. Aunt Lettie was living
in Kentucky the last I heard of
her; uncle Madges wife.

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