William Rivers searching for his brothers and sister

MR. EDITOR: I wish to inquire
for my people whom I left in Mis
sississippi [Missississippi] in the year 1837. We
all belonged to and was raised by
the Caraways. There were four
brothers of the Caraways-John,
Thomas, Patrick, and Alexander
Caraway. There were four brothers
of us and two sisters. We all go
by the name of Rivers. My name
is William Rivers; brothers' names
are George, David and Sandy
Rivers. My sisters' names are
Betty and Harriet Rivers. Father's
name was Malcolm Rivers; mother's
name Satira Rivers. We had
three cousins; Annie, Daniel and
Washington. Cousin Annie's hus
band's [husband's] name was Lyons. We had
five uncles who lived in Nashville
and Clarksville, Tenn. They all
went by the name of Caraway,
to whom they belonged to. Uncles
Louis and Stewart bought their
freedom about the year, 1831. My-
self [Myself], brothers and sisters lived be
tween [between] Yazoo City and the Benton
place, called Poplar Bridge. I
don't remember the name of the
county. Brother George, Sister
Betsy, Cousin Washington and
myself came to Texas and left the
others at Poplar Ridge, Miss. I
have not heard anything from
them since I left. Bro George,
Cousin Washington and myself are
yet living in Texas Sister Betsy
is dead. I am living a lover and
member of the M. E. Church. Pas-
tors [Pastors] will please read this from their
pulpits. Address William Rivers,
Chambers county, Texas.

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