Unnamed searching for their brother William Brown

MR. EDITOR--I wish to inquire
for my brother. His name is Wil-
Liam [William] Brown; his mother's name is
Mary Brown, and father's name is
Charles Brown; brothers, George,
Louis and Shadrick Brown; sisters,
Dolly and Susan Brown. We all
belonged to Andrew Crew, of
Richmond, Va., but Andrew Crew
sold brother William to Chiny Car-
ter [Carter], and he sold him down South.
I am his younger brother. Mother
had one child after he was sold,
Isaiah Brown. Pastors will please
read this letter to their congrega-
tions [congregations]. His brother George Brown
is at 716 Third street, Richmond,
Va.; his brother Isaiah Brown is
at 105 Perdido street, New Orleans,
La. A friend told his brothers
that William was in Key West,
Florida. 2t

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